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Our Products

Southeast Tool – the “smiley tools” company – is proud to offer more than 6,000 products in our latest catalog.  If you know what you’re looking for, browse the categories below to find our very best collets, CNC holders, solid carbide spirals, carbide tipped router bits, metric boring bits, saw blades, or just about any other tooling supply you could need.

Solid Carbide Bits

  • Solid Carbide Straight Cut Bits

  • Solid Carbide Plastic Cutting Bits

  • Micro-Grain Solid Carbide Spiral Bits

Carbide-tipped Straight Bits

  • Carbide-tipped Staggertooth Bits

  • Carbide-tipped Mortise Bits

  • Carbide-tipped Screw-on Mortise Bits

  • Core box, roundnose, plunge-cutting ball, V-groove, point-cutting roundover, etc.

Carbide-tipped Slotting Cutters

  • 2-wing, 3-wing, 4-wing, 6-wing cutters

  • Steel Router Collets

  • Solid Brass Inlay Kit


  • Ball Bearings

  • Dust Shields

  • Shims/Spacers

  • Retaining Rings

  • Router Blanks

  • Mortising Chisels

  • Rougher, Carving, Pod Bits


  • Carbide-tipped 3 Wing Quick Change Drills

  • Carbide-tipped 3 Wing Doorknob Drills

  • Carbide-tipped Brad Point Twist

  • Door, Multi-spur, Economy Door, Latch, Frame Bits

  • Countersink, Jobber Length, Taper Point, Shank Point, Auger

  • Forstner Boring Bits

  • Spade Bits

Diamond-tipped Bits

  • Diamond-tipped Router Bits

  • Diamond-tipped T-Slot Bits

CNC Woodworking Collets

  • SYOZ 20 and SYOZ 25

  • Clamping Nuts

  • SHODA Collets

  • ER Precision Collets, Bearing Nuts, High-speed Coated Nuts

  • Spanner Wrenches

  • Chucks

  • Tool Extenders

  • Tool Holders

  • Pull Studs

  • Torque Wrench and Accessories

  • Aggregate Heads

Carbide-tipped Metric Boring Bits

  • Brad Point, V-Point, Hinge, Countersink Bits

  • Solid Carbide Boring Bits with Steel Shank

  • Chuck Adapters with Threaded Shank

Insert Router Bits

  • 1 Flute and 2 Flute

  • Bevel Bits

  • Compression Bits

  • Spoilboard Surfacing Cutters

  • Insert Tooling

  • 3 Wing Cope and Stick Cutters

  • Standard Reversible Insert Knives

  • Solid Carbide Insert Knives

  • Spiral Plus Molder Heads

High-speed Steel Molder Bars

  • Corrugated Back Molder Heads

  • STB Carbide Strips

  • Carbide Saw Tips

  • Planer Knives

  • Replacement Knives for SuperPac, Tersa and Terminus

  • Diamond Wheels

  • CNC Router Table Pods

  • Carbide-tipped Saw Blades